With technology at our fingertips, most buyers begin their home search online, however, open houses are still popular!  It's all about exposure.  Many sellers and even agents can become complacent in a seller's market believing the home will sell simply by listing it on the MLS and let the internet do it's magic.  This can be a mistake!  

Your home can be exposed to a different pool of buyers.  Many buyers appreciate the flexibility provided by an open house.  They are known to stroll through a home that they may not otherwise consider.  Who knows, they may love it!

Open houses produce an environment of competition or fear of loss.  Especially when other buyers are in attendance.  Should the future home owner determine this is the right home for them, is not uncommon for them to act quickly!

It is my recommendation to hold your home open at least once before disregarding the benefits to your overall marketing efforts.  Of course, consideration should be given to area events, weather forecast and any not so obvious factors before selecting a date.  It is always a great idea to coordinate your date and time with other opens in the area.  Buyers like to tour several homes at their leisure.

Overlooking the importance of an open house can mean a missed opportunity to sell your home!