March Madness Hits Real Estate.  The Ball is in the Seller's Court

I don't know about you, but my family is CRAZY about NCAA March Madness.  The anticipation, the thrill of creating the "perfect" bracket, the friendly competition between family, friends, and co-workers, the comrade as we gather to watch the field of 64 teams dwindle down to the championship game...the Wisconsin Badgers taking it all, of course!  it's my favorite time of the year!  

With inventory levels low and a surplus of buyers, Sellers are often getting multiple offers, putting the ball in their court.  They can now turn to their expert real estate agent to help negotiate the best price possible for the home, and they also have options while choosing the most reliable and flexible buyer to ensure a smooth closing process.  It’s important to remember that the best offer isn’t always the highest offer.

Let the Madness Begin!