People always say that is the most important part when looking for a new home. What they don't tell you is there is more to it than just the "correct neighborhood"...

For example, do you want to be near a school to make it easier for the kiddos to get to their activities? Well, be ready for traffic jams on bad weather days and the sounds of bells and children playing when your windows are open. Do you want easy access to major roads? Well, be ready for heavy traffic when that road is closed/detoured. Do you want to be in the country? Well, be ready for coyotes, groundhogs, snakes, etc.

There are pluses and minuses to most locations. Part of my job is to help you navigate your choices. I encourage buyers to drive past their desired home several times in one week: during morning rush time, mid-afternoon, early evening during the week, early evening on a weekend, after 10 pm during the week and again on a Friday or Saturday night. You can learn so much about a location by taking the time to drive past during these times periods.

What else can you do? Look for what neighbors have in their yards. Is it full of broken toys, vehicles, piles of leaves, etc? Is the yard well maintained? Are there signs of pets? Are there signs of children? Does it look like a daycare in the backyard? Maybe it is! Would you be the youngest/oldest in the area? Do you see a lot of vehicles parked in the road at weird times of day? Have you typed the street name into a web search to see what comes up? Bake sales and neighborhood block parties or gang activities and drug busts?

Yes, location IS important. However, there is more to finding "The One" than just the address.

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