The flat fee concept seems simple and it is, however, not all flat fee options are created equal.  

There are flat fee listing services that simply list your home on the Multiple Listing Service for a fee.  You are in it for yourself and by yourself.  When an offer comes in, then what!?  Do you fumble around online and trust someone who made a YouTube video to instruct you?  Do you rely on the buyer's agent who has the best interest of the buyer to protect?  What do you do?

No need to panic!  There are flat fee listing real estate companies that offer contracting services so you are not alone.  The down side to this is that most of these companies offer a "teaser" listing price and then make more on the contracting than on the listing itself!  Be careful that you are clear about exactly what the listing plus negotiation services will be before choosing a flat fee broker.

Flat Fee Pros offers an all inclusive flat fee listing giving you the best of both worlds.  We are a local real estate firm with a local broker.  We come to your home for a traditional listing appointment, walk through the home to understand what you have to offer, prepare a market analysis to guide you in your pricing, then post your home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service just as any other agency does.  This sends your listing to over 900 websites by syndication from the MLS.  This is the very same process that a FULL FEE, full service real estate broker uses to sell your home.

You do not need to receive discounted service just because you are charged a discounted price.  We offer open houses at no extra charge and when you get an offer, you will not be charged another dime.  Relax, this should be an exciting time for you!  You have an offer!  There is no need to panic, we will take it from here and guide through all the way to closing.  

The best part is that there are no surprise fees to worry about.  We collect one fee either $599 at the time of listing or 1% at closing.  It's up to you if you prefer to cover your listing at closing or save even more by paying for our service at your listing appointment.

We are licensed Realtors and have many years of experience at your service...Madison's Only All Inclusive Full Service Flat Fee.