One of the most popular upgrades to a home, before you sell or after you have bought is upgrading the Kitchen countertops. In some cases this can make a drab Kitchen “pop”.

There has been a lot of discussion on whether the cost of the new countertop pays for itself when selling your home. It is hard to put a price on first impressions, and the Kitchen seems to be the one area that make or break a deal. One of the big mistakes is picking a top that would not appeal to the next Owner. All buyers have their own decorating style.

One option I’ve had success with is getting an estimate for a new top, they are usually free of charge, than making is available to prospective Buyers. This could be used as a negotiating tool for a quicker sale plus giving the Buyer their own little stake in their new home.

Changing a top out is only a couple day process in most cases, sometimes in and out in just one day. Most top companies can handle to complete job themselves with no need to hire a general contractor. The top companies also handle other surface options so you can get alternative prices on alternative materials.

Top that!