Flat Fee Real Estate brokers differ greatly from a flat fee listing service.  By working with a Flat Fee Real Estate broker, you will have a local expert who can assist you in the sale of your home and still save you thousands of dollars in commissions.  You receive an in home listing appointment with a licensed agent who will provide you with a market analysis to help price your home properly.  Your listing photos will be professionally done by your agent.  A professionally installed yard sign is included with your listing as well as a lock box.  

Flat Fee is not the same as FSBO (For Sale By Owner) because all offers will be handled by your broker so you are not alone and do not need "play real estate agent for a day".

Volume allows Flat Fee Brokers to offer listings at fraction of the cost of traditional companies. Volume makes a Flat Fee Agent highly experienced and efficient.  Thanks to technology, quantity can be achieved while maintaining quality!

Be cautious about flat fee listing services.  They are simply a placement service.  A fee is paid to the service who quite often is not even located in this state.  They then outsource your listing to a local broker who is paid a fee to activate your listing on the MLS.  You will never meet the broker who activated your listing and your point of contact will be with the third party listing service.  You simply receive a listing for which you are responsible for all aspects of your listing with no local support.  You will handle everything from photos to showings to contracts.  It is truly a FSBO listed on the MLS.

By finding the right Flat Fee Company you can save thousands in commission with out going it alone.

~Lisa Avila, Broker/Owner, Flat Fee Pros, LLC, Las Vegas, NV