As a consumer, It would be reasonable to think that if a buyer goes without representation, then the seller will save money and it can be passed along to the would expect to save money!

Though anything is possible, if the property you select is listed on the MLS, there is a listing contract in place.  This agreement states what the seller has agreed to pay the listing broker to sell the home. In the absence of another agent, the listing broker will collect the full commission.

The MLS is a co-op between brokers.  It allows all members of the MLS access to listings in real time, as they are entered into the database.  An agent is a "sub-agent" of the listing broker by default meaning, they act on behalf of the seller-client and a portion of the commission is then paid to the broker of the "sub-agent" to be disbursed to that "sub-agent".

Buying without a buyer's agent does not change this contract!  The listing agreement remains in effect so by "going it alone", you are doing just that!  You are making one of the largest purchases of your life without a professional to assist you.  Most americans get their hair cut professionally, their car repaired professionally, have legal matters handled professionally and, of course, use the services of medical professionals!

Because the commission will be paid out either way, you have the right to a buyer agent.  Your buyer agent has a responsibility to you, as their client, the buyer-client.  In most purchases, your buyer agent will accept payment from the seller through the MLS offering.  This allows your best interests to be considered first rather than the agent acting as a "sub-agent" of the listing agent who has a duty to the seller.

At Flat Fee Pros, we not only offer you professional representation with your important purchase, we share our commission with you!  This is a guarantee.  So rather than go it alone and hope to save money, contact Flat Fee Pros Madison, WI or Flat Fee Pros Las Vegas, NV to meet a buyer agent today!  Your check will be ready along with keys to you new home.