Summer is upon us!  Home buyers and sellers have busy lives this time of year.  It is important, as a seller, to keep this in mind and make your property as available as possible.  Because it's a busy time, sellers may think it best to decline a showing appointment in the name of making sure their home is "show ready", however, remember that buyers are equally as busy and an missed opportunity is often just that....missed.  

Serious buyers move on to available homes and do not always circle back to the home that was unavailable.  It can easily be an out of sight, out of mind situation.  

Of course, the most ideal scenario is to have your home ready to show during the selling process but life gets in the way!  One tip is to keep empty laundry baskets in each room that can be used for quick clean up.  Take the baskets with you when you leave for the day.

Should your home be in disarray, agents know that it happens. It is highly recommended that you respond by letting the showing agent know the home is not "show ready".  Do NOT simply decline.  We understand that life is not perfect.  The buyer is there to see the house and can easily look past a bit of a mess.

Happy selling!  For information about how to save thousands while selling your home, go to the seller tab at the top of this webpage.  Leave it to the professionals at Flat Fee Pros WI.