Discount brokers have been around for many years, additionally full service agents have been known to discount commissions on a case by case basis.  This can contribute to clients feeling that they are not treated fairly which has motivated sellers to try other services to sell their home.

At Flat Fee Pros, we have set pricing and believe that all clients should be given the same opportunity to save money.  Flat Fee listings have been gaining popularity as sellers become more savvy and understand that technology plays a large roll in the sale of the home.  

Because 97% of potential buyers search online before requesting a showing, open houses can contribute to exposure for the home but are rarely necessary to sell the home thus open houses may be a service that is not included in your flat fee or discounted listing.

As with any business, the business model is unique to the company.  Flat fee companies or discount brokers offer a range of services.  It is up to you, the seller, to determine how much assistance you will need and select a broker that has those services available.

Misunderstanding exactly how much representation is available and how much participation is required by you, the homeowner, can be the number one reason sellers may feel they didn't get what they paid for with a discount service.  There are discount services, such as Flat Fee Pros, that only offer reduced pricing and cover all areas of the transaction.  There are also many discount brokers who offer only an MLS presence and nothing more.  It is important to understand what is available and what the costs associated with each service will be.

Happy New Year!  2017 is a great time sell with prices on the rise and interest rates starting to trend upward, we can expect buyers who have been procrastinating to move forward with homeownership.